Friday, December 17, 2010

Origin of Crochet ( the 't' is silent )

How it started?
Crochet was not known before 18th century. Crocheting originated from parts of South America, Arabia and China during early 18th century. Later it became very popular in Europe. Though crocheting was practiced earlier, the present day crocheting practiced with hooks came into being very late as people of olden days used only their fingers for making loops and chains.
One form of embroidery namely “tambour Embroidery” reached Europe during the 18th century and people started doing the art using smaller needles that are very similar to crochet hooks used today. Though there are conflicting evidences for having found crochet pieces in Egyptian tombs, history of crocheting could not be traced before the 18th century.
In earlier days, lace working was very much prevalent and in early 18th century crocheting took over the lace work. Crochet materials were less expensive than that of its lace counterpart and people started crocheting using various natural fibres and various types of hooks such as wood, ivory and brass.
Now of course,  hooks available  are made of steel, aluminium  and plastic.

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